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ABS Single-Layer Multi-Layer Composite Sheet Extrusion Line – Everything You Need to Know!

When you are thinking about entering into the ABS industry, the first thing you need to know is the ABS single-layer multi-layer composite sheet extrusion line.

You can get a 0.6 mm – 10 mm thickness sheet with a max width of 3000 mm. For making electrical machinery, sanitary ware, packing, carriage, toy, etc., these sheets are widely used across the world.

Overall, the demand for these materials is pretty high. They are a good alternative to glass, metal, or wood products. This article will tell you more about the machine. So, if you are curious to know more, let’s have a look!

Where to Use The ABS Single-Layer Multi-Layer Composite Sheet Extrusion Line?

The ABS single-layer multi-layer composite sheet extrusion line is specifically manufactured for extruding ABS sheets. They offer a clean and smooth cutting on each board.

Each board possesses unique characteristics like – high impact resistance, high heat resistance, high surface roughness, etc. even after going through the cutting process. These machines ensure the highest quality output every time.

Factors You Need to Go Through to Ensure About The Quality of A Machine

When you are about to buy an ABS sheet extrusion line machine, there are some things you need to check beforehand. Now, it’s time to check the factors.

The Core Part of The Machine

What is the first thing that people look into a machine? Well, obviously that is none other than the machine configuration. The same goes for the ABS sheet extrusion line machine.

It’s very important to learn about the parts of these machines before buying. Basically, ABS single-layer multi-layer composite sheet extrusion comes with the following parts.

  • Specially designed screw to ensure a high plastification rate
  • T-type die
  • Temperature control
  • Oil pressure wheels
  • Unattached roll temperature control system
  • Cutting machine
  • Winder
  • Meter counter

Automated Mechanism System

It’s good to have a machine with an automatic winder, temperature control, etc. They will ensure precious cutting each time.


To get the best output from your investment, you have to be sure about durability. Check out the material, finishing, and things like these. A robust machine will serve you for a long time.

Manufacturer Quality

While thinking about whether a machine’s quality is good or not, you must have to check the manufacturing company. If they promise to provide a fine-tuned and latest machine design, they must be a good option to go for.

A good company also always stays behind its product. They offer after-sale service for a long time as they prioritize customer satisfaction over everything.

You can think about SANA – TORY in this case. This China-based country offers a one-year warranty along with parts interchanging benefits during the warranty period. Plus, they also offer a lifetime paid warranty. Note: (If not man-made damage).

When a company gives such an offer, it indicates how confident they are about their product.

Final Words

That’s all about the ABS single-layer multi-layer composite sheet extrusion line. Hopefully, the above-mentioned option provides you with the basic information that you must know.

Now you can make your buying decision confidently. Just be sure about the machine as well as the manufacturer’s quality and you are good to go!

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