Plastic sheet and board extruder machine

Plastic sheet and board extruder machine Manufacturer

a. PVC Wood Plastic Celuka Foam Board Extrusion Line

PVC wood plastic (WPC) celuka foam sheet/board machine is composed of double screw plastic extruder, automatic vacuum feeding machine, board mould, vacuum shaping and cutting etc. with a compact structure and superior performance.

b. PVC Wood Plastic Co-extrusion Board extrusion Line

PVC wood plastic (WPC) co-extrusion machine for skinning foam sheet use widely as
building board, cabinet board, furniture, mould for block, packaging ,recycling box,
advertisement plate, show plate, business plate, roof, ship profile, etc.

c. Plastic PVC WPC Hollow Door Panel Extrusion Line

All plastic extruder machinery components are fine tuned to work perfectly together, high quality level, latest machine design, engineered to meet the needs of customers in international markets, faster delivery times plus good service and spare parts.

d. Plastic PC PP PE PVC Hollow Grid Board Extrusion Line

This production line realizes continuous production of PC/PP/PE/PVC hollow grid plate, which is applicable to construction decoration, advertisement collocation, and noise insulation of highway as well as packing. 

e. PE PP HIPS PET EVA Single Layer Multi-Layer Sheet Extrusion Line

It has such characteristics as high intensity, good temperature resistance, good rot proof, etc. it can be produced with additives to different requirement such as improving intensity, improving toughness, improving rigidity, flame retardant, embossing, frosting, etc.

f. Plastic PC PMMA PS Sheet Extrusion Line

Screw apply special design of mixing and plasticizing function. Coat hanger type die apply special double throttle design, much more accurate adjustment of width of production.±1 degrees celsius temperature control to make more accurate plasticizing process ans sheet width control.

g. ABS Single Layer Multi-Layer Composite Sheet Extrusion Line

The specially designed screw ensure high plastification rate. Special T-type die ensure the precise control of thickness of the plastic sheet/board. Precise temperature control can precisely control the plastifivation process and ensure precise thickness and flatness of the products.

h. Plastic PVC PP PC Corrugated Roof Sheet Extrusion Line

Special designed high plasticization conical double screw, hard finishing gearboxes and high quality converter motors make high output capacity extruder. Well known brand electrical components, high torque force motors, advanced energy saving design lowered energy consumption mostly.

i. Plastic PVC Free Foam Sheet Board Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line

Transportation: such as steamship, aeroplane, carriage, traine compartment, roof shed, case core layer, inner upholster, etc. Architecture: such as building wall board, decoration board, housing, office, public building interlayer, commercial decoration shelf, non-dust room board, ceiling plate, etc.

j. XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Extrusion Line

With perfect closed alveolate construction, XPS heat insulation plate is considered to be the best insulation material in the market. Granules from recycled EPS plate, as the main material, go through the die foaming extruder, calibrator, haul-off and cutting unit. With lower density, water absorption,

k. Plastic Wide Floor Sheet, Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line

PVC, PP, PE single layer, multi-layers composite floor sheet, widely used in carriage, traine, airport, hotel, public building, house decoration, etc. PVC, PP, PE water proof sheet, widely used in tunnel drainage, foundation wetproof, roof leakproof project, etc.

l. Plastic PVC/PET/PP/PE/PEEK Sheet/ Board Extrusion Lin

The methods for producing plastic sheets are commonly used for calendaring, mainly for the production of sheets such as PVC and PET, and the other for extrusion, for the production of sheets such as BOPS, EPS, PET, PP, HIPS.