PET PP strapping band extruder machine

The PET PP strapping band extruder machine is a cutting-edge industrial equipment designed for the production of high-quality strapping bands made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP) materials. This advanced extruder machine employs state-of-the-art technology to melt, shape, and form these thermoplastic materials into durable and reliable strapping bands.

PET PP strapping band extruder machine

a. PET Strapping Band Extrusion Line

PET straps extrusion machine line consists of dehumidifying and crystallizing system, extruder, screen changer, mould, oven, embossing device, haul-off machine and winder etc.

b. PP Packing Belt Extrusion Line

PP strap production line is made of Hopper, Extruder, Mould, Haul-off, Oven, Printer, Embossing Machine, Cooling Tank, Winder and so on.

c. PET Broom Monofilament Extruder Machine

It consists of special design of PET material dehumidifying and crystallizing system, extruder, screen changer, melt pump, mold, haul-off, oven and winder etc.

d. Plastic PET Packing Belt Extrusion Machine Line

This machine is mainly used to make PET packing strap/belt. Adopt the PLC control the whole line for automatic production. The melting pump and pressure sensor ensure production stability and strap quality control. The raw material can use is 100% recycled PET flakes from the waste PET bottles, or virgin material or mixed with each other.

e. Plastic PET Packing Strip Extruder Machinery

The raw material treatment is by our CSG serious dehumidifier and dryness system, it ensures the humidity in raw material less than 80PPM. Closed circulation feeding system prevent the material from exposure to air to keep the dryness of raw material.

f. PET Strap Band Extrusion Production line

Using 100% recycled pet bottle flakes by making them melt directly,reduces the course of raw material-making. Crystal and dehumidify drying system. With the multi-purpose machine, it can produce PET straps in different specifications directly and doesn’t need to change the mold head, it can produce 9-32mm straps, 1/2/3/4/6/8 lines.