Plastic Recycling and Grannulating Machine

The Plastic Recycling and Granulating Machine is a cutting-edge industrial device designed to address the growing concern of plastic waste. This innovative machine plays a crucial role in the recycling process by efficiently transforming used plastic materials into granules that can be used in the production of new plastic products.

Plastic Recycling and Grannulating Machine

a. PVC Pelletizing Machine

This production line produces pellets by hot cutting, mainly PVC pellets. It is featured as advanced equipment, precise pelletizing and high producing capacity.

b. PET Crushing and Washing Machine

This machine is the best proposal for PET bottles recycling, with full system configuration including separating label removing, crushing washing drying and paper scraps separating.

c. PET Recycling and Granulating Machine

This machine can granulate polyethylene, chemical waste silk, polypropylene and other thermoplastic waste products. The thickness of wall is less than 2mm. According to client’s demand, the machine output is ranging from 80kg/h to 450kg/h.

d. PP PE Crushing and Washing Machine

This plastic film recycling machine line is mainly used for PP/PE waste film recycling and washing. After films clean, you can use them to pelletize.

e. PE PP HIPS PET EVA Single Layer Multi-Layer Sheet Extrusion Line

1.This granulator/Pelletizer is mainly used to recycle and reprocess waste and new plastic PE, PP. Adopt force feeding, as the screw can exclude gas and steam. After plasticization and extrusion, the particles can have high density, nice surface, high output, stable extrusion.

WPC/PVC Granulation Making Machine

Parallel twin- screw granulating machine is composed of parallel twin- -screw extruder, granulating die head, granule cutting machine, three- grade air supplying system,) storage chamber. The parallel twin- screw adopts modular construction,