f. Plastic PC PMMA PS Sheet Extrusion Line

Production line info:

  1. Screw apply special design of mixing and plasticizing function.
  2. Coat hanger type die apply special double throttle design, much more accurate adjustment of width of production.
  3. ±1 degrees celsius temperature control to make more accurate plasticizing process ans sheet width control.
  4. Three-roller calender apply level, vertical and 45 degrees bevel type and can be lifted freely.
  5. The sheet width is accurately controlled by adjusting the screw and rollers.
  6. Separate control syatem of roller remperature can make thickness equably extrusion.
  7. Slicing machine, accurate board length and quantity.
  8. Winder with big torque motor, regulate its speed and tension force freely.
  9. Equipped with metering machine to set the length of product.

Working range: thickness 0.6-15mm, width under 2500mm.

Quality warranty:

1, We provide a one-year warranty on all products.

2, After sale service and parts interchange during warranty period free of charge.

3, Life time paid warranty available.

Your benefits with our machines:

All plastic extruder machinery components are fine tuned to work perfectly together, high quality level, latest machine design, engineered to meet the needs of customers in international markets, faster delivery times plus good service and spare parts.



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