he Plastic PVC Free Foam Sheet Board Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line

The Basic Things You Need to Know About The Plastic PVC Free Foam Sheet Board Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line

For decorative purposes, the use of plastic PVC-free foam sheets is increasing day by day. The production of this material also increases to meet the increasing demand.

So if you want to take your first step into this profitable field, the first thing you need to know about is the plastic PVC-free foam sheet board extrusion line. This machine will let you cut your plastic sheet into your desired shape and size.

Take a look below to learn further about this machine.

Is Plastic PVC Free Foam Sheet Board Extrusion Line Useful?

The main use of the plastic-free foam sheet board extrusion line is to manufacture plastic PVC-free foam sheets. They are widely used nowadays in the chemical industry thermoforming, and many other fields.

The main use of the plastic PVC-free foam sheet board is given below.

  • They are used in steamships, carriages, trains, airplanes, and other transportation
  • These sheets are an affordable option for architectural design
  • Advertisement industry use them for making sign board, screen printing, etc. purpose
  • For making sports equipment, art material, breeding equipment, etc. these sheets are used too

What to Check While Buying This Machine?

To be honest, buying this machine involves a lot of money. Therefore, you need to be very careful about the buying decision.

In this section, we will discuss the detail of things you need to look at before purchasing. Let’s check them out without any delay!

The Efficiency

Checking efficiency is the most basic part of choosing a machine. You have to see whether a machine can meet your production requirement or not.

So, go through the core parts, the thickness and width range, and things like these to understand if they suit your need.

Mechanism System

Manual labor is costly and human tends to do mistake. Although it’s not common, accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, we suggest going for an extruder line that has automatic temperature control, size measurement features, etc.

These will save some cost along with providing you with precise output every time.


Don’t compromise durability for anything. Carefully examine the material quality, component quality, connection, etc. before purchasing.

Buying an extrusion line will be a great investment for you if it can serve you for a long time.

Manufacturing Company Also Plays A Big Role

You can be assured about a product when you can trust the manufacturing company. A good company always stays behind its product. As they prioritize customer satisfaction, they always offer some additional services that are really praiseworthy.  

For example, SANA – TORY, the China-based company provides you with exceptional after-sale service. They offer a 1-year warranty along with a free parts-changing facility free of charge during the warranty period. Note: (If not man-made damage). You can also enjoy a lifetime paid warranty after 1 year.

Final Words

That’s all about the plastic PVC-free foam sheet board extrusion line. We hope, you have got all the basic ideas about this machine.

Since this plastic industry is growing bigger day by day, it’s high time you should invest in it. make your decision wisely now that you know the fundamental facts.

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