n. PVC Spray Silk carpet mat extrusion machine

Plastic silk carpet of this machine producing, also called Baolimei cushion, plastic silk, foam board compound shaping. The products have the advantage of soft, aging-resistant, easy to wash, using convenient. It mainly used in the hotel and family, the door pedal cushion.

The PVC mat boards sheets extrusion line is design with the foam layer in which the bedload can be hided could keep the chamber clean. The design without the foam layer can make water and dirt exude, keep the surface dry and clean, so it is suitable to the outside. With the soft loop layer, feel comfortable walking on the mat. The abrasion of the mat with the thick loop is better. More color, more suitable to the chamber decoration. Easy to keep clean, just gently flap or bath. The words and design could be printed on the surface according to the order.


Model Width Length Install power Output
90/30 1220mm No limit 200KW 400-680kg/h
100/30 1800mm No limit 360KW 500-960kg/h

 Quality warranty:

1, We provide a one-year warranty on all products.

2, After sale service and parts interchange during warranty period free of charge.

3, Life time paid warranty available.

Your benefits with our machines:

All plastic extruder machinery components are fine tuned to work perfectly together, high quality level, latest machine design, engineered to meet the needs of customers in international markets, faster delivery times plus good service and spare parts.


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