j. XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Extrusion Line

Machine introduction:
With perfect closed alveolate construction, XPS heat insulation plate is considered to be the best insulation material in the market. Granules from recycled EPS plate, as the main material, go through the die foaming extruder, calibrator, haul-off and cutting unit. With lower density, water absorption, thermal conductivity and vapor penetrability than of other kinds of heat insolation plates, XPS heat insulation plate features with high strength, low Wight, airtightness, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and low cost. Therefore this plate can be widely used in house insulation system, in cold storage, camps, barns and civil constructions, in ground constructions of airport raceway and square, in road and railway engineering constructions, in heat insulation system of apartments, office buildings and workshops.
XPS heat insulation plate extrusion line has two types: single screw tandem extruders type and co-rotation parallel twin screw extruder and single screw extruder. The model is like following: 135/150single screw tandem extruder type and 75/150 co-rotation parallel twin screw extruder and single screw extruder. Because of high mixing efficiency, co-rotation twin screw extruder can process material of different components.
Newly designed vacuum forming machine, calibrating the plate by vacuum negative pressure, can lower the density of product and cut dew the production cost in the condition that quality of plate can be well kept.

Specifications of the equipment:

Model XPS 135/150 XPS75/150
Extruder Ø135/32 Ø150/34 Ø75/40 Ø150/34
Main motor power (KW) 75/90 75 90 75
Production line width (mm) 600-1200 600-1200
Production thickness (mm) 20-120 20-120
Capacity (m³/24h) ≥200 ≥250


Quality warranty:

1, We provide a one-year warranty on all products.

2, After sale service and parts interchange during warranty period free of charge.

3, Life time paid warranty available.

Your benefits with our machines:

All plastic extruder machinery components are fine tuned to work perfectly together, high quality level, latest machine design, engineered to meet the needs of customers in international markets, faster delivery times plus good service and spare parts.


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